Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

It's that time of the year again and I need to get my deals on. I hate paying full price so what I do is scour the internet for good deals. Usually the same online vendors have the consistent best prices + shipping combo. Then what I do is I become an affiliate for that retailer if they have an affiliate program.

In this case I am shopping for a new pair of basketball sneakers. I heard that light shoes are good for sensitive ankles that are prone to sprains. This is why I chose the new Adidas D. Rose shoes Crazy Lights. These retail for $130 pretty much anywhere you go, even online. However for Cyber Monday 2011 The Finish Line has a deal for $20 off any purchase over $100 with coupon code CYBERDEAL20. Not bad but I can get an extra 5% off my purchase if I click on the text link or banner ad for that advertiser (Finish Line).


Trade Gold With Zecco Trading: Get $4.50 Stock Trades

Have you lost a bundle because of the stock market. Has your 401k been cut in half? Then you need to take control of your own finances and trade stocks for yourself. Now is a good time to get in and trade gold as inflation is due to come home too roost later this year. I personally have made 125% ROI this year alone on trading just one gold mining stock, AUY. It is sure to increase in price as inflation drives down the value of the $US. It is one of the most volatile gold mining stocks on the exchange which makes it great for trading. I routinely make 5% trades in the same week.

Zecco Trading: Get $4.50 Stock Trades
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